Put God First (Part 1)

Put God First (Part 1)

Matthew 6:25-34

the word thought means don’t be anxious about your life psalms 11:3 if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do?   What does it mean to put God first in our life? Am a Christian which means that I am a follower of Christ so when I speak of God I am always speaking of THE 1 TRUE GOD YAHWEH
Put God first and He will make your path straight In Hebrew translation, he said in all your ways OBSERVED HIM LEARN HIM. You must not have any other god but me  
Exodus 20:3
but we have got a lot of idols we worship nouns and verbs.  
Matthew 6:33
Now what is He talking about, what things shall be added The book of Haggai helps us to understand in the first chapter we learn that Gods people were released from captivity when Persia invaded and defeated Babylon. And as that small remnant came back to Jerusalem they were instructed and even given provisions to rebuild the temple but after they started the construction and facing opposition the work stopped for 16years between that same time the people, they were living their own lives pursue wealth build lavish houses And God break into the silent by pointing out the obvious in Sermon By:  Apostle John Benjamin Oduro


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