More Than Conquerors

More Than Conquerors

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Placing Demands on the Annointing

Most Rev. Dr. Charles Agyinasare is the Presiding Bishop of over 500 Perez Chapel International and Associate Independent Churches Worldwide. From an initial membership of seventy (70) adults in October 1994, the church has grown phenomenally to several thousands of people currently in the city of Accra, Ghana. He currently presides over a national and cosmopolitan congregation of several thousands of people in weekly attendance in the Perez Dome considered to be the largest auditorium currently in Ghana and referred…

Put God First (Part 1)

Matthew 6:25-34 the word thought means don’t be anxious about your life psalms 11:3 if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do?   What does it mean to put God first in our life? Am a Christian which means that I am a follower of Christ so when I speak of God I am always speaking of THE 1 TRUE GOD YAHWEH Put God first and He will make your path straight In Hebrew translation, he said in all…